Tribute to Gustavo Cerati


February 22, 2013 by nigrikanz

Gustavo Adrian Cerati is one of the best Latin American musician of the last three decades. Amazing guitar player, leader of Soda Stereo who later continued his career as a solist

Unfortunately almost three years ago he suffered a stroke after a performance in Caracas, Venezuela, and since then he has been in coma

This video was shot in Medellin in his the last performance in Colombia. Check Anita Alvarez de Toledo... the hot blondie with amazing moves and singing with that tone of voice that makes you say HUM!!!

I hope he will get well someday… His music became part of my life since I was only 11 years old. The only I regret is I missed his last concert in Bogota, two weeks before his stroke. The lesson, which is a well known cliche, is to live every day of life like it is the last one…


One thought on “Tribute to Gustavo Cerati

  1. […] continue with this tribute to Gustavo Cerati and as another token of Colombian’s talent I bring this video I shot at 6L6 lounge bar. […]

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