Colombian Reggaeton


March 3, 2013 by nigrikanz

So today I was hiking with this group of people from abroad. Some Brits, Americans, French, Argentinean and Italians and during the trip I heard a girl singing one of the most popular Colombian Reggaeton songs… So continuing with the series Colombians got talent I present you today a couple of videos

First this catchy song by Dragon y Caballero… forbidden fruit… So as you can imagine by the title this song is about tentation… more over about felling in love with an already taken woman…. the video is shot in Cartagena and you can have a glimpse on the beautiful streets…

Now I wonder who can not move and dance with this hit by J Balvin… one of the most popular singers from Medellin. By the way this city just won a popularity contest by the Wall Street Journal and it is supposed to be the most innovative city in the world… it looks like now innovation is measured by the amount of clicks you get in twitter… whatever… So back to the song… it is about this single dude who loves enjoying life until this goddess shows up and turn upside down his life….

Enjoy them dudes… Cheers


2 thoughts on “Colombian Reggaeton

  1. jwcwong says:

    colombia’s got talent but no one knows about it!? how can the world know more about colombia’s music? can there be a lima or michel or psy moment for colombia?

    • nigrikanz says:

      Unfortunately Colombian radio channels don’t support local artists… when you go clubbing you can realize how popular these guys are… everybody knows their lyrics, dance and enjoy their songs. However when you turn on the radio you never hear their songs… I would dare to say only Radionica promotes local bands

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