Inspiring music for running


May 24, 2013 by nigrikanz

Yesterday I bump the geek squad in Bogota… I met this great guys who enjoy many things among of them reading, blogging and running… It was really one of this moments in life when for some reason to still be discover four different strangers were siting down in the same cafe sharing a bit of their lives… you may even consider this situation similar to the first scene of a Tarantino or Wes Anderson movie (not really related at all but just to try to make you understand).

So while we started opening and talking about this hobbies, one of the gals mentioned this book from Murakami… “what I talk about when I talk about running” and told us about it and said that she likes running too… and it happened to be that all of us also enjoy running… that was a nice instant because it felt like there was a subtle click in the air…

So anyway given my preference for music I decided to post this time about “what a listen when I listen about running”. These are a couple of cool songs that will inspire you and give that extra adrenaline when you are in the middle of the run and are about to quit because you got out of energy… or when you simply want to show up and take over the dude who is running in front of you…

Icona Pop – I love it

This Swedish gals hit the head of the nail with this intensive song… it is so energetic. They are also part of the mainstream swedish music with great DJ’s like Alesso, Otto Knows and Swedish House Mafia. So I have to admit I am impressed about this trend… these guys are so young and creating such an amazing music… also performing for millions of people all over the world and giving us some lessons about working for and fulfilling your dreams… I found them inspiring and that is why they give me the extra energy while running

Spiderbait – Black Betty

First time I listen it was in the sound track of Blow. I dont really have a story about this song except my admiration for its energy and my gratitude for helping me releasing bad vibes and emotions while running. About the movie I like it a lot… already watched it several times… It tells the story of the first big drug dealer in America who helped boom the cocaine business there… the guy even met Pablo Escobar… one of the most powerful drug-lord in history… and also a terrible criminal, murderer who harmed my country in such a bad way

Enjoy them… and keep running!!!!


3 thoughts on “Inspiring music for running

  1. Felipe says:

    The Icona Pop son is super cool. I will try to use it to running. When I run in general I’d like to listen colombian music with the same speed as I like to run. One example: La Candela Viva by Totó la Momposina or El Hueso by Petrona Martínez. Those songs are super energetic and make the work out quite intense. Cool post! F.

  2. […] I mentioned in my latest post the new trend in electronic music with all these Swedish DJ’s who are in their early […]

  3. Zorrothee says:

    Hey check this French gem on youtube
    Juveniles – Fantasy
    and their remix of Coastal cities Entropic is great too
    your feet are gonna like it !

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