Summer is here!!!


July 2, 2013 by nigrikanz

Last Friday I went partying with this crazy Austrian guy I met in an internations event at 6L6 the day before. This dude happened to be very fun and spontaneous. He reminded me of the old good days with the gang in Hong Kong when we used to party and enjoy life like there was no tomorrow.

So on Friday first we went to Marquez, a snobbish bar in Bogota were we had some drinks with other Colombian friends and later we joined Gavanna to celebrate their last night. Actually it was a bit awkward since it was my first time in this venue. Although the place was simple they got what is required for a good party… the lights, the music and the vibe!!! It brought me back all the good times I had in Hong Kong and could’t stop missing my friends. Maybe that is the reason why I have been so nostalgic today.

Anyway here is to you my HK friends, to Konstantine (the Austrian guy) and my readers two of the songs I enjoyed the most last Friday

Needless to say Saturday I was totally useless. However I managed to woke up at 6:30 am and went hiking to a small natural reserve on the “Eastern Hills“. So in the end it was like in HK during the old times



One thought on “Summer is here!!!

  1. what a crazy party guy 😉

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