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July 7, 2013 by nigrikanz

This Saturday I was (finally) helping decorating the flat… so I play the “Bob the Builder” rule. Needless to say I am totally useless when it comes to deal with housework issues… so after grabbing the drill, marking the spots and almost destroy the entire wall I was able to hang two pictures



Check the hole on Picasso’s left… well as I said I am useless when dealing with house work, among other things…

Anyway the story continues when my flat mate (who happens to be my wife) states… “oh, finally you did it!, but why?” because I promised her like three months ago that “… next Saturday I will hang the pictures” and I procrastinate that promise like for 10 or 12 Saturdays… anyway I replied to her… “you know… it’s been a while since I made this promise”…

The moment I pronounced those words immediately it came to my mind this great song from Staind

So whenever you are in a retrospective mood and want to review all those promises you’ve made but haven’t fulfilled… all those projects and good intentions you had but never executed… just remember that “It’s been a while


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