Growing up in Bogota

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July 20, 2013 by nigrikanz

The other day I was late for work so I took a taxi… the driver was listening to this amazing song and immediately I have this flash back to 25 years ago when I was at junior high and in the school bus we used to listen the same song

So I started a small chat with the lad who seemed to be a good person asking him if this was “La Familia Andre“. He replied… “of course… Fernando Echavarria… from Dominican Republic”

On our way I realized the driver was a big fan of this band and he was playing the “greatest hits compilation”. Before getting off I had the chance to listen to this other one….

So this post is more about Colombian inside knowledge and the kind of music we used to hear and dance during the late 80’s. If you are not familiar with the Colombian background this should give you some useful insights; but if you “speak local” I am sure it brought you nice memories too 🙂



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