Deceiving state of mind

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July 28, 2013 by nigrikanz

Yesterday while having a Gin&Tonic at BurgerBar I was surprised cause what was supposed to be a quiet nice with friends and good music happened to be crashed by their “half a year” anniversary with a life performance by a local band called “Recent Times”. It turned out to be a fair band playing nice covers….

Suddenly the singer announced the next song… “something special from the Stone Temple Pilots” and they began playing it….

It brought me good memories of my first days in Hong Kong and a good friend I met there… it was funny cause we both loved this song… remember spending tons of time together having beer and pizza at Soho Corner while listening to this song plugged to an iPod while singing it as loud as possible… what a scene!!!

What I like the most about Interstate Love Song is Scott Weiland melancholic voice and the great harmony with the guitar reef… perfect combination for a depressive state of mind while remembering a failed relationship…. the guitar manage to make the pain emotion sweet and slow… great combination just like a Gin&Tonic!




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