I am a loser baby!!!


November 6, 2013 by nigrikanz

I am pretty sure we all heard, enjoyed and dance this great song by Beck in 1993. It was like a vindication to all of us who were bullied (still?) during our younger years in school… when we didn’t even dare to talk to the hot and popular girls in our class, when our only natural refugee was music… I remember shouting (not singing) this song in every party like saying… HERE I AM… I EXIST… LONG LIFE to Nietzche!!!!

So now there is this funny Colombian band, Consulado Popular, whose lead vocalist happens to be one of my former classmates. I remember this dude who is really talented and creative…. After not having heard from him in decades (it is not easy when you are in your mid thirties) I listened this great cover in a Colombian channel….

As you can notice it is an amazing mix with many Colombian elements, like the accordion and the urban sounds from Bogota… also the lyrics are adapted to Colombia… for instance “my dad was the milk man and my uncle a clown advertising lunch menus in a restaurant :D”…

Recently this band performed in Rock al Parque, one of the top rock festivals in Latin America, and next year will be in Festival Estero Picnic with other great and historical bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, new ones like Phoenix, and Colombian ones like Monsieur Perine and Bomba Esterero

Congrats guys… I am happy to see there is so much talent and creativity in Colombia… keep playing good music and helping with new contributions to our culture!!!


One thought on “I am a loser baby!!!

  1. Julián Mejía says:

    Mario?? Dr. Nigrinis??

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